An Asian Disruptive Collaboration for the “Now” Generation, Why Not?

  • Paul Nugraha Petra Christian University


The present young generation in Indonesia recently use the nickname of the “now” generation, or the “now” era, which is somehow similar with the more popular term “digital natives” (Prensky, 2001). The term “now” refers to something which is totally different, and not connected to the past. When the “now” generation of students come to class, most of them do not bring any book nor any note, not even a pen! They just bring a sole but powerful device, the smartphone. In the classroom or anywhere they go, they are always busy with it. They usually do multitasking & parallel processes like chatting, texting, searching, while constantly bombarded with games, music, videos and social media. When they study or write a paper, all gadgets are turned on simultaneously: the computer to work on, stereos, television, and off-course the smartphone to keep getting connected. All the gadgets are in function at once.