An Assessment of E-Learning System for Instructors and Students of Panpacific University

  • Jane M. Fernandez Panpacific University
  • Gina Lee M. Santos Panpacific University
  • Wennielyn C. Javier Panpacific University


Through teaching innovations, E-learning play a vital role in education. The researcher attests by determining the e-learning systems influence on students and instructors. In order to know the perceptions of the students and Instructors the researcher conducted a survey regarding their current experiences. The main purpose of the study was to investigate the impact of elearning used by the School of Computer Studies at Panpacific University. This study will detail the e-learning impacts which had on Instructors and Student participant’s performance about the level of user satisfaction and productivity, utilization and problems encountered. The study found out that the use of e-learning systems shows a positive effect on student learning. Instructors utilized e-learning system as presentation and preparation tool in teaching and learning. Most instructors positively confirm that e-learning supports teaching and learning effectively implemented.