Strengthening Character Education Patterns and Local Wisdom Through Ulos Balige Weaving Learning, North Sumatra

  • Muhammad Isa Indrawan Universitas Pembangunan Panca Budi
Keywords: Ulos Balige, Local Wisdom, Character Education


The high level of technological and information progress has resulted in the decline of people's love for local wisdom so that people do not understand the meaning of the existence of Ulos as a cultural heritage that is rich in the values of life's wisdom. This study aims to analyze the strengthening of character education based on local wisdom through learning Ulos weaving in Balige North Sumatra. The qualitative research analysis unit with this case study approach is that the people in Balige were selected by purposive sampling. Data collection techniques with observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation. Interactive models then analyze data validity by source triangulation. The results showed that through Ulos Balige weaving learning in tutoring can be achieved a balance of the conscience, spiritual, and intellectuality of the community related to the creator through the content of philosophical values in the symbol of Ulos. Ulos weaving learning which is done classically through theory and practice has a positive impact on the formation of the character of the community by the values of local wisdom.