A Comparison of Obama’s 2007 and Hillary Clinton’s 2015 Bids for Presidency Speeches

Samuel Gunawan


The article sought to study Barack Obama’s 2007 bid for the presidency in his Announcement Speech and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2015 bid for the presidency  in her Campaign Launch Speech. It focused on how both candidates used the central ideas and their development into the main ideas of the speeches to declare their bids for President of the U.S.A. The research raised some questions regarding whether the two speeches had similarities, as both politicians were running in the presidential race on the Democratic Party’s path. The research method employed qualitative content analysis to study the core meaning of the speeches based on new analytical narratives viewed in terms of specific rhetorical strategies. Subsequently, the study interpreted the underlying thought behind the speeches by focusing on the central ideas and their elaboration into the main ideas. The article showed that Obama and Clinton shared some similarities as they attempted to earn the support of Americans of all backgrounds. They defended the cause of the middle-class economy. Obama focused more on a coalition of Americans of diverse background and change, whereas Clinton focused more on furthering the middle-class economy.


Obama’s and Clinton’s bids for Presidency, Obama’s and Clinton’s presidential campaign speeches, Obama’s and Clinton’s presidential race, Democratic presidential candidates, Democratic platform, American presidential race.

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